2020 facts


  • Children made up over half of the total number of Room at the Inn’s clients
  • A  little under half of Room at the Inn’s clients had incomes below the Federal Poverty Guideline level
  • The United Way received over 101,00 calls for people needing housing and shelter



How big of a problem is homelessness in St. Louis County?

Many people are surprised to learn that homelessness is indeed an issue in the St. Louis County community. The Homeless Hotline receives thousands of calls annually. Over 200 of these people gain shelter at Room at the Inn each year.


Do people in need just show up at your door?

No. Anyone needing shelter must be referred in through the St. Louis Homeless Hotline. It requires one quick call to the Hotline, who then contacts us. If we have space available, the people needing shelter come here.


What should I tell someone who is in need of a place to stay immediately?

Please tell them to call the St. Louis Homeless Hotline at (866) 802-7155, (314) 802-5444, or they can just call 211. It’s a simple process – they just need to make the call.


What are the requirements for you to accept someone into your shelter?

At this time we require they have a very recent negative Covid test. We will arrange and pay for the test and can also make arrangements to stay at a hotel until the tests results are back.


Can the children who stay with you still go to school?

Yes. School age children are enrolled in Pattonville schools (unless they are already attending school elsewhere) -- and receive transportation to and from their school. Pre-school age children receive care and do pre-school activities here at the shelter.


If a parent is homeless but is employed, can they still stay at ROOM?

Yes, absolutely. Employment is key to creating stability for the families. We support working parents in every way possible – we will help arrange transportation, childcare, provide clothing, food, medicine and health care referrals.


Do you drug test your residents?

It is not standard policy, but we will drug test if there is evidence of substance misuse.


Will  you house children who don’t have a parent with them at ROOM?

We cannot house children without a parent or relative living with them. We will, however, refer them to other agencies.


Is your location confidential?

No. We are located at 3415 Bridgeland Drive, Bridgeton MO 63044.


A group of people at my workplace want to help Room at the Inn. How can we help and who should we talk to?

That is wonderful – and we thank you! There are many ways you can support our clients in building a better future for their families. Please reach out to Cindy Warren, Volunteer Coordinator at 314 209-9181 or cwarren@roomstl.org. Cindy will help get your group involved – and again, thank you! We literally would not be here without our amazing volunteers and supporters.