financial support


Individuals, congregations, corporations, private foundations and local, state and federal government agencies assist us in financial sponsorship of ROOM.


In addition to cash donations, we receive much-needed goods and services from local restaurants and businesses. All gifts and support are welcomed and greatly appreciated!


We help our homeless families find a better way.


Even with all of the tumultuous changes in our world, we have consistently found ways to offer care and support to our clients -- the women and families who come to us in their hour of great need and distress. We have been able to serve them because of the continued support and kind hearts of our great volunteers, staff, and donors.  Without your commitment, the struggle to stop homelessness and help our families find brighter futures would fail. We thank you!


The ways in which we help have had to change with the times. One of the biggest changes we’ve made is providing services 24/7. We certainly didn’t plan on doing that – it was the only way we could continue the mission and keep serving homeless families. With everyone’s help, we have managed to make it work. 


Now, we are preparing for a new development in our evolution. On July 20, 2022, the City of Bridgeton granted ROOM the proper zoning and special use permit to be an official 24/7 overnight facility. The mental well-being of our clients improves significantly when they don’t have the additional stress of packing up all of their belongings EVERY night and going to a different site to eat and sleep. That was the model our founders, The Sisters of Divine Providence, started over 30 years ago, and it served its purpose very well for a very long time. Situations have changed drastically, however, and our 24/7 model meets the needs of today’s families more effectively. The Sisters understand and have fully embraced this idea. Please click this link _____________ to read a letter of support from the Sisters.


Our new model will require a building renovation and modifications to optimize 24/7 functionality and create space for more clients. ROOM’s board is currently working with an architect on this process. We hope the renovation can begin sometime in 2023. This is a major undertaking which will bring major benefits to our clients. It will make such an enormous difference for families like Ms. Gordon’s. . . 


Ms. Gordon is a 61-year-old grandmother who arrived at ROOM July 29, 2022 with her adult daughter and 2-year old grandson. They were referred to us by United Way 211.The whole family was so appreciative to be at the shelter and have a room of their own with their own beds! While here, the adults participated in therapy, nutrition classes, budgeting classes, and everyone saw ROOM’s nurse for their medical needs. Her little grandson spent time with volunteers who read to him and had playtime in our colorful playroom. 


Ms. Gordon continued to work part time as a cook during her entire stay here. ROOM assisted her as she  searched for housing and was eventually  approved for a senior apartment. We are so happy to report that Ms. Gordon moved into her new apartment last week! She was assisted with furniture and household needs from ROOM’s partners, Home Sweet Home and A Way Back Home. According to Ms. Gordon, her very favorite thing about the apartment is that she has a washer and dryer in her unit. 


And there’s more good news -- her adult daughter and grandson are in the process of applying for housing through the Rapid Re-Housing program. We expect they’ll have their own home soon as well!


We look forward to having many more success stories to share with you and hope to have your support again this year. Please consider making a donation to ROOM. You may use the enclosed envelope, go to and click on DONATE, or call 314 209 9181. You also might consider joining our ROOM TO CARE MONTHLY GIVING CLUB and provide recurring support each month. You can now get a 70% Missouri Tax Credit by taking advantage of Missouri Domestic Violence Tax Credits. If you have questions, or would like to take a tour of our facility, just call or email me at . 


Please accept a simple heartfelt thank you from all of us at ROOM, and all the women and families you so generously assist. You DO make a difference and we appreciate you more than we can adequately express.


We wish you joy, peace, and good health this holiday season. Please be safe.


Warmest regards,






David S. Weber                            Bill Oesterle

Executive Director                        Chair of the board