who comes to room?


  • The single mom or dad who gets up early and works hard at a daycare center or a big box store, but who’s paycheck can’t stretch far enough to cover the food, rent and utilities every month on top of their child’s monthly prescription costs.


  • The family with 6 beautiful kids who paid their rent on time each month, but their landlord failed to pay the mortgage on the building. We remember all too well the exhausted young mother with all six kids in tow who were given less than a week to vacate their home, even though this hard-working mom had never missed a rent payment.


  • Families living paycheck to paycheck, for whom an unexpected medical or repair bill cost them their house. The two-parent family who both work full-time at low-paying jobs with no benefits. When the dad suffered a back injury and couldn’t work, the family wound up at Room at the Inn.  


  • Mothers striving to escape dangerous living conditions and provide a better future for their children. One recent client was terrified to leave her husband – and terrified to stay. She found the courage to remove her three children and herself from the constant anger, violence, and fear. She came to ROOM to give herself and her kids a chance at a better life.


  • Moms, dads, and families who’ve exhausted every other option.  Many of our clients have already stayed with family, friends, in their cars, and any other place they could find. They come to ROOM as a last resort – and we are here to welcome them at our door.